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bits exchanged worldwide so far (without NSA control)

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« Infinit is aimed squarely at creatives, and lets them transfer gargantuan files with haste. » The Next Web
« Infinit makes transferring files easy since you don't have to worry about anyone's connection dropping or cloud storage space filling up. » Lifehacker

Here's why


Any file. Any size. Any type.
Sharing big data is now easy.


Our P2P technology allows you to send files faster than anyone else.


Drag. Drop. Done.
It's as simple as that.

Peer To Peer

No servers. No NSA. Use the app to have your files end to end encrypted.


Recipients can download files directly without the app from an email.

Pause - Resume

Disconnecting from the internet doesn't stop your transfers on the app.


Play any media file as soon you accept the transfer.


View all your transfers as


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Oh, and one more thing...

Did we say "fast"? We meant "fastest" ?

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Creative Problem Solving for Creators

Artists need tools, not websites

Whether it's a screenshot or your final mockups, there’s no easier way to send files. Infinit integrates flawlessly into the creative process to make life easier for digital artists. And not only is it easy, but it's really purrty.

More time filming, less time waiting

Still waiting for WeTransfer to finish uploading that short film? Infinit lets you send huge files without the wait. With automatic pause/resume, you’re no longer at the mercy of your Internet connection. What are you waiting for? Go out and film something.

made for moms (and some cats)

No one is more uncomfortable with the Internet than your mom. She doesn’t care how it works. She just wants to send you photos from her Myrtle Beach vacation. In less than a click, she can now – and she’ll never need to know it’s 100% encrypted.