Your files are safe thanks to Infinit’s end-to-end encryption

In 2005, the Internet began its move towards the cloud.

This shift was accompanied by the myriad of security issues that followed closely behind. In 2014, Apple’s iCloud was hacked resulting in the release of hundreds of celebrities’ nude photos. Not long after, file sharing goliath Dropbox was compromised. There is no reason to believe that this will end. All of these services suffer from the same problem. The nature of cloud-based infrastructure is inherently flawed. Files are stored, unprotected, in a centralized location.

Point to Point file encryption schema

Unlike existing services, Infinit transfers the files directly to the recipient’s device without passing through the cloud.

Unlike cloud-based services like Dropbox and WeTransfer that store your files unsecured on the cloud, Infinit transfers files directly from the sender’s desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, to the recipient’s, without relying on the cloud.

This point-to-point approach, coupled with advanced end-to-end encryption algorithms, ensure the safety of your files, from government agencies such as the NSA or even Infinit itself by eliminating any way for a third party to access your files.

Infinit uses bank-level encryption algorithms such as AES-256 and RSA 2048 to ensure bullet-proof security.

In fact, Infinit was born out of security-based research conducted at the University of Cambridge.