File Sharing Sites Comparison

A review of the most popular file sharing sites

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Unparalleled file sharing speed

23 times faster than any file sharing site

Infinit file sharing brings you unparalleled speed thanks to a new, cutting-edge technology. You can share files with friends and colleagues up to 23 times faster in the same WiFi network, and at least 2 times faster over the Internet, making Infinit far faster than any file sharing site out there.

no limits
2 GB
1 GB
50 MB
25 MB

No file sharing limit

Share large files for free with Infinit

Most file sharing sites place caps on file sizes around 2GB. But Infinit is different since it easily handles file sharing of up to 10GB with a free account. With additional free and paid options offering higher caps at 50GB and unlimited file size, you’ll never again have to worry about how to share large files.

If you lose your Internet connection, your transfers will be:

paused and resumed
paused only on upload

Pause - Resume

File sharing with Infinit is unstoppable.

When you share files on Infinit, file transfers will pause themselves automatically if you disconnect from the internet and resume when you come back online. File sharing sites like WeTransfer just cancel transfers when the internet connection is lost, limiting your ability to stay on the go.

Top notch security

Secure file sharing means your privacy is guaranteed.

Thanks to Infinit’s revolutionary, secure file sharing technology, your files are always protected. File sharing on Infinit is done directly between two devices meaning that your files are never permanently saved on the cloud. And because Infinit is the reference in secure file sharing, every transfer between Infinit users benefits from bank-level encryption.

Secure file sharing with Infinit