Send large files: email

How to send large files via email?

Comparison Size Limits Infinit

No limits on sending large files via email

Most consumer email apps like Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook, and nearly all professional email providers don’t allow large file upload via email.

These limits are set anywhere from 10MB to 2GB. But with Infinit, you can send large files of any size.

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How to send large files via email

It’s quick and easy to send large files via email with Infinit.

You’ll never have to think about how to send large files via email again on your Mac or PC. Attachments take the form of links with Infinit. To get a link, just drag any file into Infinit icon, then drop them in the Link icon. The link to your attachment will be copied automatically. You can just paste it directly into your email.

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Send any file or folder, of any format

No one should tell you what you can or can’t to send over email.

Because Infinit is a file transfer app built for sending anything, we don’t discriminate on file size or file type. You can send large files without ever experiencing the regular frustrations of email attachments. Make Infinit your go-to app for email attachments.

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All you attachments in one place

Infinit organizes all your attachments directly in the app.

For easy access, all the attachments you create, small and large files from emails are stored directly in the Infinit Links section. You can scroll and access them directly from the app without opening and searching through tons of emails.